Titan Framework is not your typical options framework. It allows you to create configurable settings for WordPress themes & plugins with ease with just a few lines of code.

Traditionally, if you would want to create adjustable settings for your plugin/theme, you would have to go through the codex then use functions such as get_option, add_submenu_page, update_post_meta, get_theme_mod, etc.

Titan Framework basically does all the heavy lifting for you and lets you forget about all those functions. Instead, we simplify things so you can concentrate more on design and features and less on building settings.

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Create Your Underscores & Titan Framework Based Theme

Based on _s from github


Create Pure Customizer Settings. From text inputs to the selection of Google WebFonts. We give you all the tools you need to furnish your theme.


Rapid Development. We make things faster. Generate your Underscores theme above to get started right this instant.


Customize Your Project. Now you don’t have to worry about how to create your settings, just worry about what customizations your customers can do.


Created with ease of use in mind. No configuration scripts, no nonsense. Start creating options right away with just a few lines of code.


Free as in speech. We believe in the power of collaboration. Titan Framework is 100% open source and is available in GitHub, and the plugin is available in the WordPress plugin repository.


Auto-generates CSS for you. Say goodbye to the pain of matching together options with CSS styles. The options you create generate the CSS for you. It’s cached, and supports SCSS too.

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    Titan Framework is built to make flexible and dynamic plugins easier to make. Instead of having to deal with the heavy lifting of writing options, functions and updating values, it takes and encapsulates them in a simple class call, array-based setting, and a class-based option value fetching. Titan Framework also handles menu page building for you! But like all things, you have to start somewhere. On one glance, it looks like an insurmountable mountain of complex sophistication, but peel back the surface and you’ll find out it’s not that hard to understand. Then again, where do you start? For this, Continue reading →
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    What’s new in Titan Framework 1.9

    There are a lot of changes that comes with Titan Framework version 1.9, the largest change is in how it works and the by product of these are faster page loading times, and less intensive processing. The best part here is when you update, you won’t need to change anything in how you use Titan. Previously, under the hood Titan Framework performs a few things to initialize itself: Gather all the options created with createOption For admin options and customizer options, save all the default values in the database if they aren’t there yet. Cleanup the options, remove any unused ones, and add Continue reading →

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