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Create Settings for Your WordPress Themes & Plugins with Just a Few Lines of Code.

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Create Your Underscores & Titan Framework Based Theme.

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Creating a new WordPress Theme or Plugin?

We’re guessing that you’ll want to add in options so that your users can customize it for their needs. Titan Framework handles all the option creation headaches for you. Now you can concentrate more on design and features, and less on writing repetitive code.


Create Pure Customizer Settings

From text inputs to the selection of Google WebFonts. We give you all the tools you need to furnish your theme or plugin.


Rapid Development

We make things faster. We handle the menial tasks like previewing & enqueuing Google Fonts, live-updating the Customizer.


Customize Your Project

Now you don’t have to worry about how to create your settings, just worry about what customizations your customers can do.


Auto-Generates CSS for You

Say goodbye to the pain of matching together options with CSS styles. The options you create generate the CSS for you. It’s cached, and supports SCSS too.


Free as in Speech

We believe in the power of collaboration. Titan Framework is 100% open source and is available in GitHub, and the plugin is available in the WordPress plugin repository.


Created with Ease of Use in Mind

No configuration scripts, no nonsense. Start creating options right away with just a few lines of code.

How Does Titan Framework Work?

Titan Framework utilizes the various APIs in WordPress, then encapsulates them into a few handy functions that you can use.

Normally, you would use these:

Customizer API Options API Post Meta API Security stuff

get_option add_menu_page add_submenu_page add_meta_box

customize_register add_panel registerCustomizerControl

update_option WP_Customize_Control wp_nonce_field

current_user_can update_post_meta get_post_meta

get_theme_mod save_post filter

With Titan Framework, now you’ll just use these:

createAdminPanel createMetaBox createCustomizerSection

createOption getOption

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