Introducing the Titan Framework

The Easiest to Use WordPress Options Framework

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Over 20+ options included. From text inputs to the selection of Google WebFonts. We give you all the tools you need to finish your project.


We made the framework to make our development faster, and it has. Since the framework does all the heavy lifting in the admin side for you, you can concentrate on the more important things in your code.


Created with ease of use in mind. Creating admin options, meta options and theme customizer options are all the same. You can create everything you need with just a few lines of code.


Minimal styling is applied to the generated options. Everything is standardized to how WordPress creates it’s own options and admin pages, but styled a bit to look nice.


Free as in speech. We believe in the power of collaboration. Titan Framework is 100% open source and is available in GitHub, and the plugin is available in the WordPress plugin repository.


Documentation, tutorials and issue tracker. Need help? The documentation and tutorials will surely help you out. Did you find a bug? Let us know in the GitHub issue tracker and we’ll fix it right away.


Powerful font styling option. Select web safe fonts or Google WebFonts and allow your users to specify the styles, such as letter spacing, line heights, font size, colors and even text shadows.


Auto-generates CSS for you. Say goodbye to the pain of matching together options with CSS styles. The options you create generate the CSS for you! It’s cacheable, and supports SCSS too.


Need a standalone project? If you need to, then instead of requiring your users to install and activate the Titan plugin, you can embed the framework into your project with minimal effort.

Want to see what the framework has to offer? Try out the live demo.

Try the online demo first using the button below, no installs necessary. Just log in the WordPress admin and check out the admin pages, meta boxes and theme customizer sections.

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Some Screenshots

Here’s how code is written, and what the results are

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Download the plugin Fork in GitHub Read the tutorial