Titan Framework and PHP7 – What to expect ahead

As we have started going through insurmountable amounts of pull requests, (and we do admit we have been lax in the past, sorry!) one topic and issue caught our eyes: PHP7 Compatibility. According to that issue in Awesome Support, Titan Framework isn’t working as expected in PHP7, which was later raised in our Git issues for TF. There were several symptoms found (1, 2, and 3) and the fix we had to make for it. Of course, this was the overall result: our upcoming version of Titan Framework should now work well with PHP7. Good news right? “But wait, that means we Continue reading →

Coming soon: Taxonomy-based options

In line with upcoming Titan Framework updates, I thought I’d let you know what can be expected in future updates, at least as far as options is concerned. We have used checkbox-based values for listing taxonomies in certain plugins that we created, and we feel it’s high time Titan Framework gets this. We had implemented new multicheck and select post types in Titan Framework earlier, and logically, something for taxonomies should be done next. Right now we can’t commit to a definite deadline on when this version will appear, but we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who’ve dealt with Continue reading →

New to TF: Multicheck and select post types

In Titan Framework’s latest update, new options have been released related to post type selections. I must admit I am behind one of the implementations of those new features, and it certainly won’t be the last! Without further ado, let’s introduce them: Multicheck-post-types and Select-post-types Rationale Let me tell you why I pushed for the implementation of these options. Back then, I used to couple option selections with functions that enumerate post types in a WordPress system. It was messy! Eventually, we had several plugins that needed post type enumeration, and we ended up creating a repository of reusable functions. Continue reading →

The State of Titan Framework #1: RoadMap, Tutorials & Monetization

If you’ve visited the site before, you might have noticed the small banner for a short survey. This banner has been there for quite a few weeks now and we’ve gathered a lot of awesome feedback from the survey. Because of this we’ve decided to dedicate more time into Titan Framework and take a new direction. This direction will allow us to (finally) bring some much needed monetization, bring more tutorials for both veterans and newcomers, all the while still contributing back to the awesome WordPress community by giving away Titan Framework for free. We’ll make a future blog post about the Continue reading →

TGM Plugin Activation Compatibility

One of the best things about Titan Framework is that it’s so easy to include into your WordPress theme or plugin. Just plop in the titan-framework-checker.php we provide and you’re good to go. Heck, we even placed a Theme Generator in the frontpage to make things even more easier. What the checker does is that it checks for the availability of the Titan Framework plugin. If it’s not installed, a search prompt is displayed. When the plugin isn’t activated, then it will show a link to the plugins admin page. This functionality is great, especially if your product only requires Titan Continue reading →

Say Hello to the Theme Generator

If you’re a theme creator, you’ve most probably come across Underscores. We have and we really love the simplicity of it. One of the coolest things they have over on their site is their theme generator. Just plop in the name of your theme and with a click of a button you’ll be given your theme file all packaged up with all the functions namespaced. It’s pretty convenient. Now what does this have to do with Titan Framework? Previously, we had a demo site put up where you can log in and test out the framework by yourself. That was Continue reading →

Titan Framework 1.5 Now Out

We’ve been quite busy these past few months, but we’ve caught up with all the work and finally we have an update to the framework! Version 1.5 contains a ton of stability and bug fixes with around 80 commits. Here’re some of the changes in the new version: Added German, Portuguese, Turkish and updated Italian translations Added notification and paragraph paramaters to the note option Added include_fonts parameter to the font option for specifying the selectable fonts Added show_websafe_fonts and show_google_fonts parameters to the font option Added maxlength parameter to the the text option Fixed Titan plugin detection code New more Continue reading →

Live Demo Now Online

Update 7/05/16: Hi! Titan Framework would be updating soon. A demo site would be available too. Stay tuned! If you haven’t used Titan Framework before, then I’m happy to announce that we now have a live demo that you can use to check out what the framework has to offer. You don’t have to download anything, just login to the demo site and follow the instructions. All of the available options are laid out for you to try in the demo. Check out the admin panels and the meta box options when you create a post or a page. Don’t forget Continue reading →

New Option: Code

Today we’re adding in an awesome new option to the growing list of options in Titan: the code option The code option is not your typical text area for inputting arbitrary code, it has a few cool features: Uses the Ace editor Syntax highlighting for over 60 languages Over 20 themes Automatically enqueues inputted CSS Supports SCSS Automatically enqueues inputted Javascript Works for meta boxes, admin pages and theme customizer Probably the best feature is the automatic enqueuing, this means that if you want your WordPress theme to allow its users to be able to put in their own CSS Continue reading →