Display a multiple image uploader.

Gallery is currently not available pending a rebuild as of version 1.9.2 and will be reimplemented again in version 1.10. To see this in action again, download a bleeding-edge copy from our GitHub repository. Thank you to @tojibon for creating the Gallery option :)

Option Details & Parameters

Type: gallery

Return: string

Version Introduced: 1.9

Can be placed in: Admin Panels , Admin Tabs , Meta Boxes , Theme Customizer

Parameter Type Description
name string The name of the option, for display purposes only.
id string A unique ID for this option. This ID will be used to get the value for this option.
desc string The description to display together with this option.

Returned Values

Pre-1.10, it returns a comma-delimited list of image IDs. From 1.10 onwards, it will return an array of multiple image IDs.


Creating a gallery option:

$panel->createOption( array(
    'name' => 'My Gallery Option',
    'id' => 'my_gallery_option',
    'type' => 'gallery',
) );