When we encounter problems when coding, it’s frustrating. Be it in creating options for our projects, plugins, or themes. But as developers, we need to prevent delays and long processes in development.

To secure all of these (especially time management), the Showcase plugin was created.

What is Showcase plugin?

Basically it’s a plugin that will make sure all of options that Titan Framework provide will run correctly with no bugs at all. It can help us developers to check our codes and functions that may be used in addition to more options in Titan Framework. Showcase plugin displays all the saved values of your Titan options even if it falls as a Theme Customizer Options, Admin Panels or Metabox Options.

Here’s some screenshots how we doing it and testing it in admin panel:

showcase-pluginAfter that, we call each of  the options to show it in front end to verify the return values of each option:


There are several perks in installing this plugin:

  1. The most obvious advantage of using this plugin would be that developers would be able to notice if there are bugs, and it can be fixed immediately.
  2. It can help other people who used Titan to see what options are available in Titan Framework.
  3. It can also really a big help for us to manage and update Titan Framework.
  4. Lastly, it assists developers who wants to looks at the codes of co-developers who either contributes to the development of the framework or use Titan Framework in their products.

Again, the Showcase Plugin is only for testing our created options and to let people know that we’ve updated our own creations with Titan Framework.

We hope it would help you and others who are using Titan Framework.

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