038_TF_Hermann_Making-Money-with-Titan-Framework-and-Easy-Digital-DownloadsTitan Framework enables you to employ the usual HTML forms specific for WordPress option building. Let’s focus on Select and Multicheck where by purpose, they feel similar, yet they’re not exactly the same in functionality.


  1. Select multiple values
  2. Served as array values when getOption is used.
  3. Default values can be defined by array (in Multicheck) or string (in Select).
  4. Both has variants that enumerate IDs of Posts and Pages and even Taxonomies or categories
Difference of Select

  1. Can be grouped.
  2. You can’t select multiple values by default as it is designed for a single choice.
  3. Usable in Theme Customizer
  4. Uses pulldowns for single value selection, or box in multiple value selection
Difference of Multicheck

  1. Cannot be grouped
  2. You can select multiple values right away by default
  3. Not ready for Theme Customizer
  4. Exclusively uses checkboxes, you can’t use design variations for it outside css styling
Usage scenarios for Select

  1. Strictly single selection for an item
  2. Dynamically-populated values with grouping
Usage scenarios for Multicheck

  1. Multiple selections where choices will be always more than 1
  2. Dynamically-populated values that must be presented as per output

And there you have it, differences between similar options that feels like they’re redundant, but in reality, are not.

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